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Hidden Danger Of Tempered Glass Self-explosion

May. 06, 2019

We know that tempered glass is tempered by heat treatment, and therefore has a stress pattern during heat treatment. Therefore, the stress pattern provides us with a strong certificate for distinguishing the quality of tempered glass! However, because the stress pattern is invisible to the naked eye, it is usually judged by the external light. As a Sheet Metal Fabrication Manufacturer, let's analyze what are the hidden dangers of tempered glass self-explosion.

In view of the current situation of tempered glass self-explosion, measures to prevent its damage have been paid more and more attention. Due to the self-explosion of tempered glass, there is no sign in advance, and it has nothing to do with the length of time of the product. Although the probability of self-explosion is small, and it is pulverized and small granular after self-explosion, in the bustling area where the flow of people has a large traffic flow, when When small particles of glass fall from a height, they will still cause people and property to be hit, causing harm and adversely affecting environmental safety. The tempered glass in the shower room is directly related to your home safety.

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Tempered Glass Flatness Testing Instrument

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