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The Importance Of Car Safety Glass 2

Apr. 30, 2019

As a Glass Drop Ball Test Manufacturer, we continue to share the importance of automotive safety glass.

3. Fragment status

This performance is mainly for tempered glass. It has strict requirements on the broken pieces of glass, and the size should be suitable. Too big to protect, too small will form a powder, posing a threat to the eyes of the occupants.

4. Impact resistance

This property is to determine whether the car safety glass is in a small rigid object; whether it can maintain a minimum strength or bond strength under neutral, the "minimum bond strength" is for the laminated glass. “Minimum strength” is for tempered glass, which protects the safety of drivers and occupants for maximum eyesight. All manufacturers should abide by national standards. Users should also know more about products in use and installation to protect themselves. interest.

5. Transmittance

The right amount of transmittance ensures that the driver has a suitable driving environment when driving in different climates and at night. GB9656-96 stipulates that the transmittance of other glass in the front windshield and the driver's viewing zone should be above 70%. The glass in other parts mainly plays the role of viewing and color matching, and the transmittance can be agreed by both the supplier and the buyer. Domestic colorless glass, the transmittance can meet the requirements.

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