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How To Judge Glass Is Safety Glass?

May. 11, 2019

Safety glass can be made of ordinary glass, tempered glass, heat-reinforced glass according to different needs, or can be made into insulating glass. Safety glass has good safety, impact resistance and penetration resistance, and has anti-theft, explosion-proof and anti-shock functions. As one of the Safety Glass Testing Equipment Manufacturers, we teach you several ways to judge safety glass.

1. The important and safe way is to see if there is a 3C certification mark on the safety glass. Because according to regulations, the 3C certification mark must be on the safety glass.

2. By listening, that is to say, hitting the glass by hand, if the glass makes a crisp sound, the glass is tempered glass, and vice versa is ordinary glass.

3. When a polarizing plate is used, it is a tempered glass that can see a color strip on the side of the glass through the polarizing plate, and a black and white spot can be seen in the surface layer of the glass. Polarizers can be found in camera lenses or glasses, and attention is paid to the adjustment of the light source during viewing, which makes it easier to observe.

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