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Tempered Glass Flatness Testing Instrument

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Product Details

Tempered Glass Flatness Testing Instrument

Tempered Glass Flatness Testing Instrument


1, Display table 2, Support plate 3, Support block 4, Fixing bolt 5, Measuring head 6, Fixing part 7, Supporting foot

Type: YC-C01-300

Related standard:

1)      GB 15763.2 Safety glazing materials in building

- Part 2: Tempered glass

Clause 5.4 Camber measuring

2)      AS NZS 2208 Safety glazing materials in buildings

Clause 2.5 Flatness requirements


3)      Measurement of arcuate form and wave form of toughened glass

Technical parameters:

4)      Resolution: 0.01mm           

5)      Measuring Span: 300mm-12000 mm ( Customized)

6)      Working Temperature: 0~+40℃

7)      Working Humidity: ≤80%


8)      Adjust the measurement and set up to track the maximum data. Adjust the span of the support block according to request.

9)      Adjust the position of measuring head, to ensure that the measuring head is beyond 2mm-3mm of the plane of three support feet.

10) Gently stick the surface of the glass to ensure that three supporting feet are able to touch the glass.

11) Slide the measure location and read the data.

Product features:

12) Continuous measurement and monitoring of the flatness of the glass, data display and recorded.

13) Simple operation, fast measurement, low cost, widely used in the flatness measurement of glass.

14) The specifications of the equipment are various; the measuring span (300mm, 500mm, 800mm, 1000mm, and 1200mm) can be customized according to customers’ requirements.

Tempered Glass Flatness Testing Instrument

Tempered Glass Flatness Testing Instrument

Tempered Glass Flatness Testing Instrument

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