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Instructions for Using Tempered Glass Flatness Testing Instrument

Jun. 23, 2019

As one of the Safety Glass Testing Equipment Manufacturers, let us explain the instructions and precautions for the Tempered Glass Flatness Testing Instrument.

1. Adjust the measurement table and set it to track the maximum value. Adjust the support block spacing to the required size;

2. Adjust the position of the measuring head to ensure that the measuring head exceeds the plane of the three supporting feet by 2mm-3mm;

3. Hold the instrument and gently attach it to the glass surface to ensure that all three supporting feet can touch the glass;

4. The amount of curvature can be read from the meter by sliding the position to be measured.

Tempered Glass Flatness Testing Instrument


1. Tempered Glass Flatness Testing Instrument is a precision instrument that prevents damage such as impact and drop;

2. When using, all three supporting feet should contact the surface, and the moving speed is less than 0.5m/s;

3. The appearance is kept clean. It should be kept in the original packaging when not in use.

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