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What Problems Will Occur During the Use of Cable Trays?

Jun. 27, 2019

As an intelligent weak current system, cable tray plays an important role in our usual life. However, it often presents problems and creates problems for our lives. So, do you know what problems the cable tray will present? As an Electric Cable Hanger Manufacturer, let's explain it to everyone.

First, the problem that may be presented: all parts of the cable are short-circuited. Such faults may form a current relay operation on the power distribution cabinet, and the damage to the cable formation is severe;

Second, the problem that will arise is that the cable is internally short-circuited. This type of fault is usually caused by the low quality of the cable, and there is no visible trace on the outside;

Thirdly, it may be that the entire cable is blown or the cable is blown somewhere, which makes the cable damaged in the fault;

Fourth, the problem that may arise is that there is only one short circuit in the Galvanized Cable Tray Bracket, and the cable damage is weaker, but there will still be obvious traces.

This type of problem may be caused by too much current or poor cable quality.

Galvanized Cable Tray Bracket

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