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What Are The Types Of Safety Glass? 1

May. 15, 2019

At present, there are four main types of safety glass on the market: tempered glass, laminated glass, semi-tempered laminated glass, and tempered laminated glass. As a Glass Drop Ball Test Manufacturer, let's give you a detailed introduction.

When the tempered glass is broken, the whole glass is broken into small particles, which is not easy to injure people. However, once broken, the glass does not prevent the penetration of the glass impactor and falls to the ground. If the debris does not fall from a very high place, because the glass fragments are small and harmless, the fragments of the glass are below. The damage to people and property will be reduced to a small extent.

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The laminated glass will adhere firmly to the transparent bonding material without being splashed or dropped in the case of chipping. If such a glass is used, the full outer frame is added, and in the case where the impact causing the rupture is not particularly strong, the debris will remain in the frame without splashing, and the wind and rain can be kept in a short time, so that the inside of the building People and things are not damaged.

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