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Dew Point Meter

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Dew Point Meter
Dew Point Measurements Instruments for Insulating Glass

Related Standard:
ISO 20492 Glass in buildings — Insulating glass
GB / T 11944 Insulating glass

Dew Point Measurements Instruments for Insulating Glass

1, copper block; 2, measuring tube; 3, temperature probe; 4, temperature sensor; 5 digital display.


Measuring probe operating temperature: -80℃ ~ 100℃
Tube height: 300mm
Tube diameter: 50mm
Temperature resolution: 0.1 ℃
Samples size: 510mm × 360mm
Control box size: 470mm × 550mm × 700mm
Test environment: temperature: 23 ℃ ± 2 ℃; relative humidity: 30% to 75% RH
Operating voltage: AC220V 50Hz
Equipment power consumption: ≤ 1KW

Brief Introduction:
Insulating glass dew point instrument is mainly used to detect whether the inner surface of the hollow glass sample is condensed in the case of standard test conditions and methods.

Insulating glass dew point instrument main feature:
1. The use of semiconductor three refrigeration technology, the cooling temperature can be accurately set and control, cooling speed, the operation is very convenient, not only can be used in the laboratory, but also in the field to detect, do not need easy to use volatile ice, Easy to use and the use of low cost.
2. The probe and the refrigeration unit can be completely separated, convenient and practical and not subject to the direction of the specimen.
3. Integrated power, cooling, circulation and control system to achieve the whole process of automatic control, chassis and probe connected by the hose, the probe when the probe face contact with the specimen, the probe face can be any direction.
4. Using pt100 temperature probe, high precision, accurate data.
5. Temperature control using computer temperature control PID regulator technology, high precision temperature control, high temperature stability.

Dew Point Measurements Instruments for Insulating Glass

Dew Point Measurements Instruments for Insulating Glass

Dew Point Measurements Instruments for Insulating Glass

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