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Shot Bag Is One Of The Devices For Detecting Safety Glazing Materials In Building Part

Dec. 17, 2018

Shot Bag is used in architectural glass. The impact resistance test of safety glass is a special device for testing the penetration resistance or strength of safety glass under the impact of different heights under the same quality impact body.

Safety Glass Testing Equipment uses advanced manipulators to automate the grasping and loading of the smash bag. At the same time, it adopts internationally advanced pneumatic equipment to make the Shot Bag upgrade faster and more accurately. In terms of the loading of the sample, the product fully adopts the humanized design: the glass sample is horizontally mounted in the experimental frame, and the sample is automatically lifted by the transmission structure, thus avoiding the time-consuming time of the similar products in the loading of the sample. The disadvantages of laborious efforts.

Impacting Shot Bag for Safety glazing materials in buildings

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