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Architectural Glass To Meet The Requirements Of Lighting And Viewing

Dec. 12, 2018

The optical characteristic of glass is that it can transmit light. The general architectural glass not only needs to be able to transmit light, but also needs to be transparent, that is, to meet the requirements of lighting and viewing. However, with the development of technology and the increasing demand for diversified functions of glass, functional glass such as dimming, dimming, and anti-glare has emerged, and energy-saving glass with better thermal insulation properties such as low-emission coating and aerogel has emerged. These glasses generally add functional layers or modify the surface of the glass. Some processes or materials cause light scattering of the original transparent glass, which leads to blurring of the scene when viewing the object through the window glass. The degree of blurring or the degree of scattering of light is characterized by haze. In order to ensure the comfort, energy saving and good viewing function of the indoor environment, the glass used for building doors and windows should try to reduce the haze value under the condition of ensuring functional characteristics.

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