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Product Name:

63mm Steel Ball for Tempered Glass Testing

Model No.:


Product Details

Steel Ball 2260g 227g 1040g 508g 227g

Steel Ball:2260g±20g      82mm

Steel Ball: 1040g ±10g    63mm

Steel Ball:508g±3g         50mm

Steel Ball: 227g±2g        38mm


Ball drop test deive for safety glass

Steel Ball 2260g 227g 1040g 508g 227g

Steel Ball 2260g 227g 1040g 508g 227g

Steel Ball 2260g 227g 1040g 508g 227g

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Equipment List:

Ball Test Device
Pummel Test Device

Shot Bag 45kg/46kg
Impact Testing Frame
Head Form Test Device

PV Load Test Equipment
Target Light Source Instrument
Anti Smashing GlassTest Frame
Insulating Glass Dew Point Meter
Crushing Pen for Tempered Glass
Hard/Soft Pendulum Shock Test for Lifts
Optical Distortion Measuring Instrument
Hardened Steel Ball 2260g/1040g/508g/227g
Laminated Glass High Temperature Test Oven
Mechanical load test equipment for PV Module
Tempered Glass Flatness Measuring Instrument
Impactor for building Glass and Metal Guardrail

Various of Test Equipment According to Safety Glass Chinese Standard / Australian Standard / European Standard

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