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Sheet Metal Fabricator

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Sheet Metal Fabricator

Custom Processing Services for Non-standard Sheet Metal Parts

Shelf Foot Parts/ Deep Drawing processing

Material: Q235
Thickness: 6mm
Size: 100mm*100mm*50mm
Weight: 700g
Process: Blanking, Stamping, Drawing, Punching

Application: Shelf / Luggage Rack / Storage Container / Turnover Box

Sheet Metal Fabricator

Instrument protection board/Sheet metal Bending

Material: Hot Rolled Plate Q235
Thickness: 3mm
Size: 360mm*50mm*20mm
Tolerance: 0.2
Weight: 350g
Process: Punching Cutting Bending

Application: Machinery Equipment, Medical Equipment, Fitness Equipment, Instruments and Meters

Sheet Metal Fabricator

External Communication Fixed Board

Processing: Laser cutting/bending/riveting

Materials:Al sheet



Sheet Metal Fabricator

l Lid/Deep Drawn Sheet Metal

Material: Aluminum 3003
Thickness: 0.3mm
Dia: 35mm

Tolerance: 0.2
Weight: 1.7g

Sheet Metal Fabricator

Sheet Metal Support Board for Medical Oxygen Generator


Size: 165mm*40mm*65mm

Thickness: 1.5mm

Surface treatment: Galvanized

Material: Iron Plate

Sheet Metal Fabricator

Instrument Enclosure


Thickness: 1.5mm

Surface treatment: Spray

Material: Steel

Sheet Metal Fabricator

OEM ODM Non Standard Customized Processing
Wire Cutting:
Max Length: 700 mm Max Diameter: 400 mm Max Thickness: 100 mm Tolerance: 0.02 mm
Laser Cutting:
Carbon Steel: 0.5 mm - 16 mm Stainless Steel: 1 mm - 8 mm Aluminum Alloy: 1 mm - 8 mm Brass: 1 mm - 4 mm
Max Size: 4000 mm * 2000 mm Positioning: ±0.03 mm Repeated: ±0.02 mm Maximum Speed: 169 m/min
Carbon Steel Plate /Galvanized Sheet / Aluminum Alloy Plate / Stainless Steel Plate / Copper
Stamping Die / Punching Mould / Bending Mold / Deep Drawing Mould / Blanking Mold / Die Cutting
Laser Cutting / Stamping / Punching /Sheet Bending / Metal Forming / Metal Welding / Riveting
Cable Hooks / Metal Shrapnel / Shims / Spring Strip / Hinges / Embedded Parts / Gaskets / Clips
Machinery / Equipment / Building / Electronic / Automobile / Medical Device / Handicrafts / Home / Decorative
Professional Manufacturer OEM/ODM
Sheet Metal Fabrication/Nonstandard Metal Parts/Test Equipment
Independent Right to Import and Export/ Trade Assurance Supplier

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