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Sheet Metal Forming

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Sheet Metal Forming,
Non Standard Metal Parts Customized

Development, design and processing of various metal parts such as mechanical equipment parts, railway parts, construction hardware, automobile stamping parts, medical equipment sheet metal parts and electronic hardware parts.

Aluminum profile frame

Name: Aluminum profile frame 40*40
Size: 960mm*730mm*1000mm
Material: Aluminum profile
Angle pieces: aluminum alloy
Screw: M6 (stainless steel 15mm)

Sheet Metal Forming

Bearing steel wire cutting

Material: 45# steel
Top diameter: Φ28mm
End diameter: Φ20mm
Length: 150mm
Tolerance: 0.2mm
Weight: 445g
Process: lathe processing, wire cutting
Uses: ball valve bearings, hardware bearings, mechanical connectors

Sheet Metal Forming

Carbon steel stamping and bending parts

Material: cold rolled sheet
Thickness: 1.5 mm
Surface: spraying
Size: 264mm * 255.5mm * 119.7mm
Weight: 1645g
Process: blanking, stamping, forming, welding, spraying
Uses: medical equipment, instrumentation, household hardware

Sheet Metal Forming

Fence pipe clamp
Galvanized sheet stamping connector
Guardrail accessories connector

Material: carbon steel Q235
Surface treatment: galvanized
Weight: 95g 205g
Purpose: Mechanical equipment protective fence connector

Sheet Metal FormingSheet Metal Forming

Automotive stamping parts
Engine return pipe fixing bracket

Specification: 73mm*64mm
Thickness: 2.5mm
Weight: 56g
Material: carbon steel

Sheet Metal Forming

Garment model connecting parts

Material: stainless steel 201
Thickness: 1.33mm
Size: 70mm*90mm*10mm
Surface: industrial surface
Weight: a pair of 95g
Process: blanking, stamping, countersunk head
Uses: mannequins universal parts

Sheet Metal Forming

Stacking foot bowl bracket

Material: Hot rolled plate Q235
Thickness: 6mm
Surface: industrial surface
Size: 100mm*100mm*50mm
Weight: 700g
Process: blanking, stamping, deep drawing, punching
Uses: Shelves, luggage racks, storage containers, turnover boxes

Sheet Metal Forming

Mechanical equipment positioning baffle
4mm carbon steel laser cutting parts

Material: Hot rolled plate Q235
Thickness: 4mm
Surface: industrial surface
Outer diameter: 100mm
Inner diameter: 65mm
Weight: 130g
Process: Laser cutting
Uses: mechanical equipment, spray gun, combustion furnace, industrial equipment

Sheet Metal Forming

Instrumentation sheet metal shell

Material: Aluminum plate
Specification: 300mm*228.5mm*54.5mm
Thickness: 1.5mm
Weight: 570g
Process: stamping, bending, riveting, cutting
Purpose: Sheet metal parts for medical equipment Sheet metal parts for medical equipment

Sheet Metal Forming

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