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Introduction To Tempered Glass Self-explosion Detection Technology 2

Apr. 08, 2019

As one of the Safety Glass Testing Equipment Manufacturers, let us introduce the tempered glass self-explosion detection technology.

3. Tempered glass self-explosion detection method

1) Number the tempered glass to be tested;

2) Scanning the curtain wall glass with a transmissive-reflective dual-purpose photoelastic scanner (preferably using transmissive scanning method). At the same time of scanning, the designated professional uses the naked-eye viewing identification method to determine whether the scanned tempered glass contains a self-explosive source. 

3) If a stress-concentrated spot containing a self-explosive source is found, mark the block glass number and its stress-concentrated spot position;

4) Using a hand-held digital microscope to take a picture of the discovered self-explosive source and its nearby stress spots, and measure its size and depth from the glass surface. At the same time, Tempered Glass Testing Equipment was used to measure the surface stress of the tempered glass by a tempered glass surface stress meter, and the thickness of the tempered glass was measured by a glass thickness meter.

5) Based on the above measurement results, and comprehensive analysis, and finally determine the self-explosion risk level of tempered glass containing self-explosive source stress concentration spot.

Tempered Glass Testing Equipment

4. Test result presentation

1) providing a specific position on the plane and elevation of the curtain wall of the tempered glass panel containing the self-explosive source;

2) the position of the self-explosive source in the tempered glass surface area;

3) the depth of the self-explosive source from the surface of the glass;

4) Self-explosive source stress spot size, brightness, self-explosive source morphology (provided in the form of pictures) and size;

5) the surface stress level of the tempered glass containing the self-explosive source;

6) Suggested self-explosion risk level of self-explosive tempered glass and give relevant safety maintenance measures.

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