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Technical Characteristics of Stainless Steel in Sheet Metal Processing

Aug. 22, 2019

As a Bending Mould Supplier, let's share with you the technical characteristics of stainless steel in sheet metal processing.

Due to the high yield point and high hardness of stainless steel, the effect of cold work hardening is remarkable. The characteristics of the stainless steel sheet when drawing are as follows:

1) Because the thermal conductivity is worse than ordinary low carbon steel, the required deformation force is large;

2) When the stainless steel sheet is deeply drawn, the plastic deformation is severely hardened, and the sheet is easily wrinkled when it is deepened, requiring a large blanking force;

Sheet Metal Bending Parts

Sheet Metal Bending Parts

3) The rebound caused by the bending and reverse bending of the sheet at the corner of the deep drawing die, usually forming a concave deformation on the sidewall of the Sheet Metal Bending Parts, so that the product with higher dimensional accuracy and shape requirements needs to increase the shaping process. 

4) Adhesive tumors are prone to occur during the drawing of stainless steel sheets.

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