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Operating Instructions And Precautions For The Steel Ball Drop Test Machine

Mar. 04, 2019

Instructions for the Ball Drop Test Equipment:

1. Clamp the sample, according to the shape of the sample and the customer's drop of the sample, use the universal clamp to clamp the sample (whether the sample needs to be clamped according to the customer).

2. Start setting the test stroke, loosen the fixed handle on the electromagnet rod with the left hand, move the bottom end of the electromagnet fixed rod to a height of 4 cm larger than the required drop height (the drop height is not very accurate at this time), and then fix it slightly. The handle is tightened and the required steel ball is attracted to the electromagnet. One end of the right-angle ruler is placed perpendicular to the scale scale on the drop bar that requires height. By moving it slightly, the lower end of the steel ball is perpendicular to the height scale of the required height, and then the fixed handle is tightened.

3. Start the test, press the falling key, the steel ball is free to fall, impact on the test sample, repeat the test and replace the steel ball test or replace the product test according to the customer's needs, and record the test results.

5m Ball Drop Test Frame

Precautionsfor the Ball Drop Test Equipment:

1. Align the center of the steel ball with the center of the fixture and fix it.

2. After the steel ball falls, it may jump out of the box and pay attention to safety.

3. Never use a sharp object to scratch the surface of the machine.

4. After each test, please wipe the Steel Ball Drop Test Machine.

5. Wipe the steel ball clean and put it back in the box.

6. After the test is completed, turn off the power.

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