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What Is Safety Glass?

Dec. 03, 2018

With the development of the economy and the advancement of science, the glass industry has also made continuous progress. While developing new varieties, it has also strengthened the original glass types. Various types of deep-processed glass gradually replace ordinary flat glass, and they shine in their respective fields of application. In order to be able to buy safe glass with better quality and reasonable price, we need to have some understanding of it. Let's take a look at Glass Impact Testing Device Manufacturers.

The so-called safety glass refers to tempered glass, laminated glass and other glass products processed by tempered glass or laminated glass, such as safety insulating glass, etc., and monolithic semi-tempered glass (heat-reinforced glass). Single-piece wire glass is not a safety glass. However, if the glass has quality problems, such as the thickness of each layer of double-glazed glass does not reach 5 mm; installation problems, such as direct contact with the glass; users improper use, such as high temperature exposure When it is wiped with cold water, the safety glass will also be broken. Safety glass is required for the seven-story and seven-story building glass.

Compared with ordinary glass, safety glass can greatly reduce the damage. For example, there is a film on the laminated glass. Even if the broken PVB film will connect the pieces together in a spider web shape, it will not collapse immediately; when the tempered glass is broken, it will be fine obtuse angle particles. Shape, not as sharp as ordinary glass, and safety glass also has a variety of functions such as anti-theft, fire, heat, sound insulation.

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