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Factors Affecting Laser Cutting

Jul. 06, 2018

In the laser cutting process, the laser light from the laser is concentrated by the cutting head and the focusing lens is concentrated into a point (focus). The operator needs to ensure that the processed laser beam is at the center of the nozzle and adjust the distance of the nozzle from the surface of the plate (see Depending on the thickness of the plate, a high-pressure gas is sprayed from the nozzle to complete the cutting operation in cooperation with the laser beam. The main influencing factors are as follows:

1. Focus diameter: small diameter, narrow slit, small cutting thickness; large diameter, wide slit, large cutting thickness.

2. Focus position: Determines the spot size of the workpiece surface and the shape of the cut; the optimum position depends on the material type and thickness.

3. Power: affects the thickness of the cut sheet; affects the processing efficiency and deformation.

4. Cutting speed: It needs to match the power, gas flow, etc. Too small will lead to the formation of opaque or burrs.

5. Nozzle diameter: small diameter, suitable for thin plate cutting; large diameter, suitable for thick plate cutting.

6. Gas: The purity of the gas affects the formation of the burr and the oxidation of the cut surface; the gas flow rate, the thinner the plate, the greater the air pressure.

7. Beam mode: Single mode has good effect in thin plate cutting, multi-mode spot is large, energy distribution is uniform, suitable for thick plate cutting.

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