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Importance Of Tempered Glass Stickers For Explosion-proof Membranes In Shower Rooms

May. 29, 2019

Everyone knows that the shower room is mainly composed of tempered glass, and the automatic explosion of tempered glass under the action of no direct mechanical external force is called self-explosion of tempered glass. Self-explosion is one of the inherent characteristics of tempered glass. According to the authoritative department experts, the self-explosion rate of fully qualified tempered glass is three thousandths. As one of the Safety Glass Testing Equipment Manufacturers, let's take a look at how the shower room is used.

The shower room is of course used for bathing, and as long as we use it, we must open the door, close it, use it, and then come out, that is to say, the so-called shower room is moving this large tempered glass, and the characteristic of tempered glass is that you hit it in front. Maybe it's okay, but using a pointed object or a slight tap on the corner may cause an overall explosion. Note that this explosion is not self-destructive. Most of the tempered glass explosions are caused by improper force, and the rare reason is due to the natural environment (temperature, humidity is unstable, that is, self-explosion).

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