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Why are the dimensions of Sheet Metal Laser Cutting strict?

Feb. 14, 2020

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting uses high temperature properties to cut sheet metal. After the laser beam is emitted, it will accurately reach the cutting position and be concentrated together without affecting other positions. The cutting range of the beam is fixed, and accurate control can be achieved in the technology. Dimensional accuracy requirements are very strict in production. Once the error occurs, the finished product cannot be put into use. Then the following Sheet Metal Bending Supplier will explain the reasons for you:

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication

1. For the implementation of the working principle of laser cutting with sheet metal, in order to promote more sophisticated processing angles in accordance with the standard, it will be determined that the processing measures can be determined according to design specifications and adjustments, regardless of the number of factors. The use of this kind of metal and the standard size specified by the sheet metal processing factory, the laser cutting of sheet metal can help to cut and reasonably determine the level of the size, which also passed the standard equivalent of the dimensional tolerance.

2. Sheet metal laser cutting should be divided into 20 levels in accordance with the regulations. When available, it will be from IT01, IT0, IT1, IT2 to IT18, but the larger the number, the tolerance level is processing. The lower the accuracy, this is also reflected in the range of variation allowed by the size, even if the larger the tolerance value included, the smaller the processing difficulty, so this can become a grade Differences in tolerances are generally processed in accordance with the correct allowable size specifications.

3.Because sheet metal laser cutting is not based on one-to-one tolerances, they basically fluctuate within the range of plus or minus 0.3, that is, it can be obtained how much the range of this difference will be expanded. The standard measurement will become the attribute of the positive difference. The comparison of the club can be implemented according to the formal processing, and the problem of errors can be avoided. This can increase the precision of technical operations of sheet metal processing plants.

4. Sheet metal laser cutting accuracy and numerical control system play a vital role in laser cutting accuracy.

5. In the actual production cutting, the size of the cut parts and the dimensions marked on the drawing are often inconsistent. This dimensional deviation of sheet metal laser cutting is a normal phenomenon in laser cutting. The laser is focused on a point after focusing by the internal lens group of the cutting head (that is, the laser focus). During the laser cutting process, different cutting focuses are used. The notches formed are not the same, and the accuracy of the parts will be different.

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