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The Common Surface Treatment Process for Aluminum Stampings

Jul. 23, 2019

Friends in the stamping industry often encounter aluminum stampings, because the proportion of aluminum is relatively light, so the same size of the product, the weight is relatively light, the cost will be effectively reduced. Basically, 90% of the aluminum stampings we process are surface treated. Here Auto Stamping Parts Exporter to share some common surface treatment methods for aluminum stampings.

First, aluminum anodizing

The surface treatment of the elevated aluminum stampings has to be anodized. Anodizing can effectively reduce the surface hardness and wear resistance of aluminum stamping parts, and can greatly increase the use time of aluminum stamping parts and make the products look more beautiful. Now, anodizing has become the most common and most common surface treatment for aluminum stamping products. Anodizing refers to the electrochemical oxidation of metals or alloys, and the formation of an oxide film on aluminum products (anodes) by aluminum and its alloys under the corresponding electrolyte and specific process conditions due to the application of current.

In addition, Aluminum Stamping Lids China can also obtain a variety of color surfaces by anodizing, further expanding the use of aluminum stampings.

Second, sandblasting

Sandblasting is generally an intermediate process for the surface treatment of aluminum stampings. The aluminum stampings after sandblasting can effectively remove the burrs and oil stains on the surface, improve the cleanliness of the surface of the aluminum parts, and obtain different surfaces by controlling the sandblasting materials. Roughness products. After sandblasting, the performance of the product can be obviously improved. In the subsequent surface treatment process, the adhesion between the aluminum stamping part and the coating layer can also be increased, which is more durable and beautiful.

Third, polishing treatment

The polished aluminum stampings are close to the mirror effect, which greatly improves the grade and aesthetics of the product. However, due to the characteristics of aluminum products, the polishing of aluminum stampings is relatively rare, and the durability will be lower if other surface treatments are not performed after polishing. Auto Stamping Parts China is more difficult to maintain the mirror effect after polishing. Generally, stainless steel materials are recommended for products that require a mirror effect.

Aluminum Stamping Lids China

Fourth, wire drawing

There are many kinds of wire drawing of aluminum stamping parts. The more common ones are straight wire drawing, chaotic drawing, spinning drawing, and thread drawing. After the brushed aluminum stampings, you can see that the surface has clear traces, and the product gives people a visual sense of glowing silk.

Aluminum stamping parts are basically surface treated after processing, but the specific treatment method depends on the specific requirements of the customer. In the case where the customer does not request it, anodizing is generally used.

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