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Which Kind Of Car Glass Is The Safest?

Mar. 13, 2019

What are the types of car glass? Which is the best reliability? Do you know how to care for the car glass when you are holding a car? Today, as a company that produces Safety Glass Testing Equipment , let's talk about the topic of automotive glass.

 Impact Test Frame

First of all, the current mainstream automotive glass uses laminated glass, tempered glass, and regional tempered glass. Most of the cars on the market today are laminated tempered glass and laminated area tempered glass. These two safety factors are high and can withstand strong impact.

What does the logo on the glass mean?

The authenticity of the glass also determines the ability of the glass to resist crushing and determines the degree of damage to the person after the break. A qualified automotive glass product must have 3C certification, and the 3C certification logo must be clear and extremely difficult to scrape with nails or blades.

Daily maintenance notes:

Although the vehicle is factory-installed with glass that meets safety standards, the daily maintenance of the glass cannot be ignored. For example, to develop a habit of checking whether the window is closed after parking, when parking, be sure to stop in an open area to prevent falling objects.

The most important point, which is ignored by most car owners, is that many car windows have a crack of one or two centimeters. It is not a big deal, so it is not repaired and replaced, but often this slight crack will accelerate the cracking of the whole glass. degree.

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