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Mine Metal Cable Hooks

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S Hook

Product Details

Mine Metal Cable Hooks
Design and Processing of 5 mm Carbon Steel stamping and Bending Parts and Stamping Dies

Various carbon steel stamping parts.
Professional design team to develop molding molds with strict quality assurance. Welcome to consult and communicate!

Material: Carbon Steel
Size: 680mm*50mm
Thickness: 5mm

Punching Hook for Suspension and Protection of Power Cables Underground Coal Mines
Various of Cables are Hung Up in Mine Metal Cable Hooks. Single Row, Double Row, Customized

Hooks for Hanging Cables

Hooks for Hanging Cables

Hooks for Hanging Cables

Hooks for Hanging Cables

Hooks for Hanging Cables

OEM ODM Non Standard Customized Processing
Wire Cutting:
Max Length: 700 mm Max Diameter: 400 mm Max Thickness: 100 mm Tolerance: 0.02 mm
Laser Cutting:
Carbon Steel: 0.5 mm - 16 mm Stainless Steel: 1 mm - 8 mm Aluminum Alloy: 1 mm - 8 mm Brass: 1 mm - 4 mm
Max Size: 4000 mm * 2000 mm Positioning: ±0.03 mm Repeated: ±0.02 mm Maximum Speed: 169 m/min
Carbon Steel Plate /Galvanized Sheet / Aluminum Alloy Plate / Stainless Steel Plate / Copper
Stamping Die / Punching Mould / Bending Mold / Deep Drawing Mould / Blanking Mold / Die Cutting
Laser Cutting / Stamping / Punching /Sheet Bending / Metal Forming / Metal Welding / Riveting
Cable Hooks / Metal Enclosure / Shims / Spring Pieces / Hinges / Embedded Parts / Gaskets / Clips
Machinery / Equipment / Building / Electronic / Automobile / Medical Device / Handicrafts / Home / Decorative
Professional Manufacturer OEM/ODM
Sheet Metal Fabrication/Nonstandard Metal Parts/Safety Glass Test Equipment

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