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Static Load Test Equipment

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Static Load Test Equipment

Mechanical Load Tester for PV Module

Related Standard: IEC 61215 Terrestrial photovoltaic (PV) modules 

Size: 6425mm*2000mm*3490mm

Samples: 1643mm*991mm~2009mm*1027mm (Customized)
Source: Sandbag
Load: 2400Pa 5400Pa 8100Pa 10000Pa(Customized)
Precision: + 3%
Power: 380V/50HZ  3000W

Weight: 4500kg

Static Load Test Equipment

1: Track: 6 meters 2: Sandbag 3: Main Stracture 4: Reservation Hole 5: Lifting Device

6: Lifting Platform 7: Motor 3000W 8: Fixed Hole of Rope 9: Flip Platform

10: Adjustment Block 11: Fixed Pin 12: Center Axis 13: Sample Frame

Specification of Mechanical load test

1. Purpose
The purpose of this test is to determine the ability of the module to withstand wind, snow, static or ice loads.

2. Apparatus
a) A rigid test base which enables the modules to be mounted front-side up or front-side down. The test base shall enable the module to deflect freely during the load application.
b) Instrumentation to monitor the electrical continuity of the module during the test.
c) Suitable weights or pressure means that enable the load to be applied in a gradual, uniform manner.

3. Procedure
a) Equip the module so that the electrical continuity of the internal circuit can be monitored continuously during the test.
b) Mount the module on a rigid structure using the method prescribed by the manufacturer.(If there are different possibilities, use the worst one, where the distance between the fixing points is at maximum.)
c) On the front surface, apply gradually a load corresponding to 2 400 Pa, spread uniformly.(This load may be applied pneumatically or by means of weights covering the entire surface. In the latter case, the module shall be mounted horizontally.) Maintain this load for 1 h.
d) Apply the same procedure on the back surface of the module.
e) Repeat steps c) and d) for a total of three cycles.

NOTE 2: 400 Pa corresponds to a wind pressure of 130 km
h –1 (approximately ±800 Pa) with a safety factor of 3 for gusty winds. If the module is to be qualified to withstand heavy accumulations of snow and ice, the load applied to the front of the module during the last cycle of this test is increased from 2 400 Pa to 5 400 Pa.

The requirements are as follows:
–  no intermittent open-circuit fault detected during the test;
–  no evidence of major visual defects, as defined before;
–  the degradation of maximum output power shall not exceed 5 % of the value measured before the test;
–  insulation resistance shall meet the same requirements as for the initial measurements.

Static Load Test Equipment

Static Load Test Equipment

Static Load Test Equipment

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Shot Bag 45kg/46kg

Impact Testing Frame

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Mechanical load test equipment for PV Module

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