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Laser Cut Panels

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Laser Cut Panels

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Service

Material: Aluminum

Thickness: 1.5mm

Size: 240mm*175mm

Weight: 125g

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Service

Stainless Steel Porous Plate

Material: Stainless Steel 304
Thickness: 1.0mm
Size: 400mm*240mm
Tolerance: 0.2mm
Weight: 555g

Application:Stainless Steel Porous Cooling Plate for Water Purification Device

Laser Cut Panels

Non-standard Flange Connection Fitting
Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

Material: Cold Rolled Q235
Thickness: 2.5mm
Size: 120mm*95mm
Tolerance: 0.2
Weight: 135g
Processing: Laser Cutting
Application: Environmental protection equipment , Combustion furnace fittings

Laser Cut Panels

Develop, design and process various sheet metal parts and forming dies according to samples or drawings
Sheet metal stamping, sheet metal bending, sheet punching, riveting, welding and laser cutting services
Molding and processing services for various metal sheets such as carbon steel sheets, stainless steel sheets, and aluminum sheets

Products are widely used in Medical Equipment, Mechanical Equipment, Instrumentation, Home Decoration, Building, Railway and others


Medical Equipment :
Shield Cover, Fixing Bracket, Sheet Metal Casing, Copper Electrode Plate, Shielding Bracket, Small Bracket, Connecting Plate, Fan Small Bracket, Battery Box, Power Interface Board, Leaf Spring, Sensor Fixing Plate, Metal Guard Plate, Battery Compartment, Printer Small Bracket, Contact Spring Piece, Power Interface Board, Main Body Casing, Copper Electrode Plate, USB Bracket

Mechanical Equipment:
Tempering Furnace Gasket, Burning Furnace Carbon Steel Connecting Plate, Aluminum Lid for Food Packaging, Porous Oil Pipe Fixing Clamp, Water Treatment Equipment Evaporative Cooler Galvanized Guard Plate, Wheel Spray Bracket, Valve Seal Ring, Seamless Steel Tube Metal Sheath, Metal Stamping Clamp for Electric Fire Fighting Equipment, Shelf Turnover Box Stamping Tensile Parts, Positioning Baffle, Welded Valve Housing, Flange, Motor Sheet Metal, Cylinder Connection Board, Equipment Nameplate Number, Packaging Code Letter, Mechanical Valve Connection Bracket, Stainless Steel Porous Heat Sink, Burner Connection Support, Metal Hose Seal Retaining Ring, Elevator Bracket Pulley Fixing Plate, Handlebar, Plum Hand wheel, Stainless Steel Adjustment Pad Sheet, Stop Gasket, Turbine Honeycomb Gasket

Instrumentation Hardware:
Spring Piece, Sheet Metal Case, Electrode Piece, Shield Cover, Fixing Bracket, Porous Heat Sink, Dial, Support Plate, Hanging Plate, Sensor Fixing Parts, Battery Box, Metal Wind Speed Vane

Home Decoration Hardware:
LED Bracket, Hollow Spray Paint Template, Guardrail Wrought Iron Decoration, Clothing Model Connection Hook, Shelf Connector, Wine Bracket, Non-standard Hinge, Door Lock Deep Draw Part

Building Hardware:
Galvanized Cable Tray, Support Arm Bracket, Cable Hook, Pipe Slot Type Embedded Parts, Metal Welding Frame, Guardrail Metal Fixed Parts, Triangular Support, Fence Hardware, Steel Structure fasteners, Metal Hasp, Sidewalk Step Board, Positioning Plate

Other products such as Advertising Brand, Tent Box, Hydraulic Punching Machine, Mobile Tool Cart, Cosplay Hardware

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