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New Progress of China Glass 2016

Release date:2016-10-31Browse:1716

  The 27th China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition (China Glass 2016) organized

  At present, the glass industry is confronting the multiple pressures including excess capacity of traditional product, slower development of new technical product, structural contradiction between supply and demand. Following the resources and environmental constraints continually to be strengthened and the costs of the labor and other factors of production ceaselessly to be risen, the glass industry development slows down obviously, in which the flat glass industry faces a grim situation at a loss in whole segment.

  Although there are so many difficulties, the fresh and old exhibitors at home and abroad give utmost attention to China Glass 2016 since the booths sales began last July.

  At press time, over 200 international exhibitors have absolutely participated in the event, which include the most famous industrial company, for instance, Glaston Group, Bystronic AG, Dip-tech, Kuraray GmbH, Ven Ardenne, Bohle GmbH, SEPR, Asahi Group, Fanuc Co., Ltd, Lisec Co., Ltd.,OMCO n.v. and Vesuvius Co.,Ltd.

  The foreign pavilions get ready and the gross area of pavilions are no less than previous year. The leading companies in Europe and USA including Bottero and Intermac of Italy, Herry.T of USA and Grenzebach of German have already participated in China Glass 2016. Germany pavilion’s net area up to 800 square meters with a breaking record. It reflects confidences from foreign manufacturers on Chinese economy and development of Chinese glass industry. With the implementation of the "One Belt and One Road" strategy, many companies from countries along the road are pitching their camps in China Glass 2016 one after another, they are ENTEC from Kazakhstan, SOYTAS and BEST from Turkey, ARDAKAN and Kaveh from Iran, SGS from Indonesia, DURST from Singapore, HEAT from India and Glass Service from Czech.

  China Glass 2016 is the 27th event since it was launched in 1986. For 30 years of development and improvement, China Glass has becomes one of 2 the largest events in global glass and is well known as same as Glasstec for strong speciality, high- degree internationalization and the largest exhibiting area in Asia. China Glass is the best platform to demonstrate the newest technology, equipment and products of glass industry.

  The organizer always takes its aim in exhibition industry to upgrade service level for the needs of professional visitors and exhibitors. The organizer selects media firms in glass segment, integrates data resource, so as to promote China Glass in various ways. The selected more than 20 media are as the advertisement carriers. To integrate the visitors resource and invite them one on one to the event through EDM and SMS. To extend the promotion method and mean via WiFi, to upgrade the website in order to set up combined service platform of China Glass. Meanwhile, to coordinate all official service agencies so as to satisfy the needs of the exhibitors and visitors, and to work hard for supplying the much easier and comprehensive service on visit and participating in the event.

  The 2016 year is the beginning of The 13th Five-Year Plan of China glass industry following both chance and challenge. Under new normal, the implement of series strategies including "One Belt and One Road", Beijing-Tianji-Hebei Economic Band, Yangtze River Economic Zone and "Made in China2025" will greatly push forward the pace of the in China glass industry. It is expected that China Glass 2016 will be not only an exchange platform on assisting China glass industry in mode transform and development, but also a business chance for global glass enterprises on trade, technology cooperation and exchange.


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