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China Glass 2015

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  China Glass 2015 Completed Successfully in Beijing

  The 26th China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition (China Glass 2015) was wound up in Beijing on 23 May 2015. This four-day exhibition took place in all the eight halls of the China International Exhibition Center. The exhibition area reached 100,000 square meters for the first time. This grand event attracted 911 glass-related enterprises, including 206 international companies form 28 countries in the world, including China, Germany, Italy, the US, Belgium, the UK, France, Finland, Swiss, Sweden, Czech, Austria, Spain, Japan, Korea, Israel, Canada, India, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Brazil and Saudi Arabia. The Italian, German and American pavilions, encompassing some 80 companies, had exhibition areas of 1100, 700 and 400 square meters, respectively. Over 20 companies attend the China Glass show for the first time, such as Shanghai-Fanuc Robotics from Japan;Dream Glass Group, Torrecid, Vitrosep and Kdrills from Spain, Soytas from Turkey; Busch Vacuum and Burkert from Germany; Zecchetti and SIT Shanghai from Italy; Entec from Kazakhstan and KristalBond from Malysia. About 25,000 professional visitors from 70 countries came over to Beijing to visit this glass show, including a number of visiting groups comprising 400 people organized by relevant sectors, departments and media from Korea, India, Japan, Australia, turkey, Viet Nam and Ecuador. 


  Worldwide glass companies, not only famous transnational groups, but also a good number of medium- and small-sized emerging professional companies participated in and showed their great interest in this year’s glass show. They brought to this fair their state-of-the-art technologies, products and machines, representing the contemporary development of the global glass industry. Apart from traditional glass-processing technology, equipment and products, diversified special glass products, manufacturing technology and machinery, especially new products, technology and equipment pertinent to low-carbon economy, energy conservation, emission reduction, new energy and green building materials were eye-catching points of the public.

  As a platform of communication and technical exchanges for glass circles in the world, besides the exhibition Glaston Asia press meeting 2015, the 2015 TRUMPF Hüttinger-technical seminar, as well as other technical seminars were arranged, which analyzed the market status and trend of the glass industry, introduced effective application of new glass-processing and glass-manufacturing technologies, and discussed interesting topics, such as "the Latest development of Land glass forced convection tempering technology", "Linde NOx emission reduction solution for end-port furnaces & glass surface treatment technology for perfect finish", "Northglass’s latest developments and technologies", "Ultra low NOx emission and flexible flame control combustion technology", "Boron application and development in glass industry", "New multifunctional & intelligent coating line and technology" and "Research on a new sand mold casting process for the fused cast refractory". A special forum on glass printing industry development was organized jointly by the China Screenprinting and Graphic Imaging Association and the Chinese Ceramic Society, focusing on such subjects as UV innovation technology, glass artistic decoration, up-to-date glass printing techniques, and internet and e-thoughts. This forum will promote combination of the traditional glass printing and the screen and digital printing, and also bridge the glass industry and the printing indus

  Next April, the China Glass Exhibition will be back to its originating city Shanghai. It will celebrate its 30th anniversary and meet the 24th International Congress on Glass. This city will then become the meeting point of the glass communities from the world over.


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